Gray water recycle systems
Gray water recycle systems


RECYCLE The water you lost!

Save about 40% - 80% with Gray Water Recycle System.

Graywater can be used in the following areas:
  • WC reservoirs
  • Washing Dishes
  • Irrigation
  • Car wash, cleaning

Greywater purification process:

 Aktech Gray Water Recycle Systems refines the water in three steps with membrane technology, which is today’s best modern water treatment technology.

1. Oxygen Enrichment Water is ventilated periodically to increase the oxygen capacity in order to provide optimum habitat (aerobic) for bacteria.

2. Biological Treatment Bacteria provide biological treatment for eliminating the odor, color and organic substances of water.

3. Ultrafiltration through Membrane Technology Gray Water, after its biological treatment has been completed, is transferred to clear-water tank through vacuuming with permit pump from licensed Microclear® filter modules, which are made in Germany with the latest technology in its special design.

Microclear® filter refines more water in comparatively short time in virtue of its special design by preventing resistance growth during the treatment. Additionally, thanks to its 0,04 µm bore diameter, it generates an actual barrier to filter all recognized bacteria and virus.